Five habits to lose weight without having to diet.

Scientifically proven: the easy tricks to lose weight the 3 kilos that, on average, we gain on vacation.

It's not just your feeling on holidays, we usually get fat. Excesses in food and drink, delicious ice cream or hammock days end up taking its toll. And although you have entrusted yourself to watermelon and model sports, summer means earning an average of 3 kilos, according to the Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition. The return home is the decisive moment to eliminate them, before those extra kilos settle as their own. And although the simple fact of recovering good habits will do much of the work, there are some easy and science-backed measures that will accelerate weight loss and make the scale re-mark what in June without suffering diets or extreme workouts.

Here Five habits to lose weight without having to diet:-

1. Sleep well

Five habits to lose weight without having to diet.For some experts, this is the number one rule when it comes to weight loss, more important even than diet or exercise. And it is that numerous studies have demonstrated the relationship between sleep deficit and weight gain. The reasons are several, mainly hormonal but also as simple to understand as if your brain and your body have no energy, they will claim it from the most caloric foods.

 2. Breakfast this type of cereal

Breakfast each day, including fruit and protein, is a habit that thin people share. But, according to a new study conducted by the Pennsylvania State University, there is one more ingredient that, consumed at the first meal, can help you lose weight: large flake cereals. If we choose this type instead of the smaller flakes, it will be easier to control the amount and calories.

3. Avoid all soda and alcoholic drinks

Five habits to lose weight without having to diet.The sugary sodas seem doomed to disappear, but the same could happen with their calorie-free versions: a recent study developed by Marquette University and the Medical College of Wisconsin found that light soda not only does not help you lose weight, as we sometimes assume , but may even predispose to obesity and diabetes. For its part, alcohol provides empty calories that can be avoided with a gesture as simple as replacing that glass with a natural juice - which will provide you with vitamins and other micro nutrients - or simply a glass of water.

4. Eat fruit between meals

"When consumed outside of meals, we favor good digestion as well as better absorption of nutrients," said nutritionist Cristina Amago, who also points to breakfast as a good time to eat fruit. If you drink fruit in the middle of the morning or in the afternoon, in addition to digesting it better and taking advantage of its fiber intake to keep you satiated until the next main meal, you will replace other less healthy snacks and thus you can save more than 360 calories every day.

5. Walk

Five habits to lose weight without having to diet.
The easiest and most accessible exercise at all levels can be a real help to lose those 3 kilos of vacation in a few weeks: walking an hour at a rate of 5 km / h burns around 230 kcal. The best thing is that it is not necessary to go out specifically to walk, but it can be incorporated into the routine with habits such as going to work on foot, using the stairs, getting up several times throughout the day ... 

Download an app to control the number of steps you take each day, starting with an amount appropriate to your condition. Many trainer, recommends "setting a minimum goal of 7,000 daily steps - the equivalent of approximately one hour - and every two weeks increase it by 1,000 steps to reach 12,000 daily steps."

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