Weekly diet plan to lose weight

It is very important that our weekly menu is varied and includes foods from all food groups so as not to get bored or have any type of nutritional deficiency.

Are you worried about preparing varied menus that respect the guidelines of your diet?

So here you go.

Keys to weekly diets.

When we launch a weekly plan with a clear objective of losing weight, it will be important to maintain a rich and varied diet.

Combining different dishes that respect the diet will help us not to be tempted by certain less healthy foods, by not getting tired of always eating the same thing.

The basic requirements to maintain a healthy and balanced weekly diet:

Variety: It will help us not to get bored with the diet and end up abandoning it. It will be much easier to follow the diet for a longer time if on our weekly menu we integrate several food groups and prepare varied and interesting dishes.

Moderation:  The key will be to eat everything but in moderation. We must reduce excessive food consumption and limit ourselves to the recommended amounts to maintain energy balance in calorie intake.

Frequency: If we want to maintain a balanced diet, it’s very important to increase the frequency of food. This will be important especially since we will be reducing the amounts at each meal.

Hydration: as the last key factor, you will be maintaining proper hydration. This will allow us to control our appetite, avoid fluid retention, and maintain a good development of our basal metabolism.

Diet to lose weight

If you want to follow a diet to reduce the level of fat in your body, it will be important to spend a little more time on the shopping list. You should remove from your basket those less healthy and too caloric products.

The most recommended food groups:

Fruits, greens and vegetables

Fish, meat and eggs

Dried fruits and legumes

Dairy products

Fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and legumes, will provide us with a good amount of essential nutrients. These include vitamins, mineral salts, or, simply, a plus of energy.

On the other hand, the consumption of dairy or meat is also recommended, but we must ensure that they are low in fat. In this sense, the most recommendable thing will be to resort to products such as chicken breasts, salmon, turkey, veal, or hake.

As for the foods that are better to avoid, it is worth mentioning refined flours, processed meals, sausages, and junk food in general. These, like sugary drinks, are an obstacle to losing weight.

In fact, when taken on a regular basis they can be direct causes of problems such as being overweight and obese. Therefore, you will always have to find healthy ways to replace them.

Examples of recommended menus

To facilitate the preparation of weekly diets to lose weight, we show you some ideas to prepare varied and balanced dishes:


The most recommendable thing when following a low-fat diet is to base breakfast on skim milk. This can be yogurt or a glass of milk, which we can combine with muesli, granola, or cereals without sugar.

The best breakfast cereal is natural oatmeal. This will give us a feeling of satiety and therefore, reduce the consumption of calories.

It will also be advisable to take a piece of fruit, such as an apple or a pear. Its high fiber content will help satiate our appetite.

Finally, an infusion, like tea, will help us wake up in the morning. In turn, we will benefit from its appetite-reducing effects.


By mid-morning it will be important to take some food to avoid arriving at lunchtime with a high level of hunger and anxiety, leading to excessive consumption of food.

Thus, the most recommended consuming at lunchtime will be a piece of fruit, a cereal bar, or a toast with slightly cured cheese and honey.

We can also prepare a small sandwich with chicken or turkey, or with a few slices of tomato and olive oil. These snacks will give us the energy to continue the day and allow us to control our appetite during the morning.


At lunchtime, we can get a little more creative and prepare dishes that combine meat, fish, legumes, and vegetables.

The dessert can be based on a fruit or a skim dairy, or an infusion.


We can base the snack on a skim dairy.

We can also have a small sandwich, as in the case of lunch, or nuts.


With the snack, we will be able to control the appetite throughout the afternoon and not consume too much the food at dinner.

At this time, we can turn to soups or vegetable purees, accompanied by chicken fillets, turkey, or white or bluefish.

By following these weekly weight-loss diets, accompanied by regular physical activity, you will successfully achieve results in a short time and permanently.

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