How to get rid of DOUBLE CHIN

How to get rid of Double Chin

Most of us have problems related to our double chin, and there are certain reasons to have a double chin like Weight, genetics or posture.

Sometimes you may not be Weight but still has double chin due to genetics but most of the people who had double chin is because of their Weight.

Initially, there were options like surgery but now you can get rid of double chin with 5 easy exercises this will not only help you reduce double chin buy also help your neck to be in shape.

5 easy exercises to reduce double chin

1.    Push your jaw forward and take it back for at least 10 times.

 2. Hold your lip in O position for ate least 5 seconds and repeat it for at least 5 times

3.    Place your palm on your forehead and slightly push with your palm and lean your head into it and fight your head resistance.

Hold it for at least 10 seconds and repeat this for 5 times. 

4. Place your hands behind your head and push your back head against your hand try to keep your back and neck straight. 
Do this at least 5 times for 10 seconds. 

5. Look Up tilting your head back, open your mouth. 
Try to reach your upper lip with your lower lip without bringing your jaws together for 10 seconds.

You should be doing this exercise at least two times a day for effective results, it will not only reduce your double chin but also improve the blood flow and enriches the skin with oxygen and make it more elastic. 

Now some important tips: - 

 1. Don't wear heavy jewellery: -

Avoid wearing heavy jewellery because the large piece of jewellery can stretch your skin cause more injuries to your neck. Avoid tight collar T-shirt for the same. 

2.    Correct your posture: - 

Whenever we are working, sitting, using phone, Watching TV, most of the time we don't pay attention that our Postures were wrong. 

So, try to keep your back straight while sitting, don't bend your neck too much while looking at your phone, keep your shoulders back because all our body parts are interrelated to each other. 

3.    Massage your neck: -

We generally moisturizer our hands, legs and face but most of us forget to moisturize our neck. Moisturize your neck with your daily face cream and give a light massage from down to upwards it will make your skin tighter and healthier. 

4.    Healthy diet:-

A healthy diet is very important in every aspect of life be it relates to fitness or good looks. If you have a healthy diet you can keep your skin even more healthy. 

Eat food which is rich in vitamin c and contains fatty acids such as lemon, tomatoes, oranges, olive oil, nuts, fish, avocado. Because eating these things will nourish your skin from inside. 

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